2018 PEWC FINALS RULES Midwest Pole Bending Association LLC

All reruns will be the decision of the Arena Director. Rerun will be on fresh drag. Arena Director’s decisions are FINAL. In the case of a timer malfunction rider will be offered a re-run. No re-rides will be given for individual equipment or tack malfunction.
Riders must compete in the order of the draw. Riders running out of turn will be disqualified.

We will drag every 5 riders, with big drags every 50 riders. There will be a drag between all classes. Poles will be dragged every 7 riders. Changes to this plan may be made at producer’s discretion at the show.
Vendor booths are available for rent through MPBA. All vendors including farriers, chiropractors, massage therapist, etc must pay a vendor fee prior to offering any services on the premises. Anyone caught offering services who has not paid a sponsor/vendor fee will be fined $100 in addition to the vendor/sponsor fee.

A W-9 must be on file to pick up any check. All weekend fees must be paid before picking up checks. All Runs Count weekend sidepot, Stallion incentive and Future Fortunes checks will be mailed.
Unsportsmanlike conduct to horses, other competitors, workers, vendors, sponsors or to production staff may result in an immediate dismissal and forfeit of entry fees and any money earned.




Times will be carried over from the $10,000 Open 5D Saturday and Sunday.
Individual payout for each go.
Western attire requested but not required.
Futurity horses must be 5 years old or younger AND not have competed prior to December 1, 2017. Maturity horses may be horses 7 years old or younger OR competed at the 2014 -2017 PEWC Finals. A full

list of eligible horses is posted at www.midwestpolebending.com The Futurity will be a 2D, full second payout
The Maturity will be 2D, half second payout.

A copy of the horse’s registration papers must be submitted to the office with the entry form. Horse/rider substitutions will be allowed. Deadlines for changes posted in event rules.

A minimum of $1000 will be added to the futurity/$500 added to the maturity. Average awards for division champions. Must be present at the awards ceremony or award may be subject to forfeit.


  •  Stallions must be nominated on an annual basis. Entries by sires currently enrolled in the program are eligible for the PEWC Breeders Incentive purse with no additional fees.

  •  Stallion nomination fee is $200. No nominations accepted without a copy of the registration papers. Stallion owners may hang banners or set up vendor tables throughout the weekend.

  •  30% of nomination fee will be paid to stallion owner/nominating party.

  •  35% of nomination fee will be paid to the Saturday Open 5D payoff. 20% of the fee is held for stallion

    advertising, office fees and awards. Live video feed commercial advertising available for additional fee through


  •  Foals born in the competition year by nominated stallions will be eligible to compete in the Futurity and Maturity for life.

  •  Stallion nomination forms can be downloaded from www.midwestpolebending.com.






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